Caregiver FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is DREAMR?

A: The DREAMR Project is a study measuring the effectiveness of several program components designed to help current and former foster youth to develop healthy, positive relationships with adults and prevent pregnancy.

Q: What is my role in the project?

A: You are being asked to participate in the DREAMR Project because you are a caregiver who is providing care for a foster youth who is or was under the supervision of the Clark County Department of Family Services.  If your foster youth is assigned to the treatment group and you volunteer to participate, you will be asked to:  Enroll in and complete the “Be Proud Be Responsible” training offered by the Health District that is designed to help you discuss sexual and reproductive health with your foster youth, become trained in the 3-5-7 model which is designed to help youth clarify their past (i.e., discuss any loss or grief associated with being away from their families and in foster care) , and complete three interviews with researchers over the course of a year.  If your foster youth is assigned to the control group you will not be asked to attend the trainings and will only be asked to complete the three survey administration cycles.  These surveys will be administered within 30 days of the youth’s enrollment in the project, six months after his/her enrollment, and again twelve months after his/her enrollment.

Q: How long is the 3-5-7 training?

A: The 3-5-7 training for caregivers will be a total of six hours (either one 6 hour day or two 3 hour days).

Q: Who will receive training on the 3-5-7 model?

A: Caregivers and caseworkers of youth who are randomized into the treatment condition will receive training on the 3-5-7 model.  In addition, these youth will meet with a Youth Specialist at DFS who will apply the concepts and skills of 3-5-7 in his/her work with the youth.

Q: Will caregivers of youth assigned to the treatment group receive training hours for their training and involvement in the study?

A: Yes, caregivers will receive training hours for attending the training components of the project. (The specific number of hours is currently being reviewed and decided on by DFS.).  However, the training hours will count toward your required hours for recertification of your foster care license.

Q: Where will the Be Proud Be Responsible courses presented by the Health District be held?

A: Every effort is being made for these courses to be held in several locations across the valley to accommodate all participating youth and caregivers.

Q: Will I be compensated for my participation?

A:  Yes, caregivers will receive a $25 gift card for completing each of the survey administration cycles. There are three survey administration cycles in total (the first is administered  within 30 days of the youth’s enrollment in the study, the second is administered 6 months after the youth’s enrollment, and the third is administered one year after the youth’s enrollment).