Fostering an environment that positively impacts the lives of youth and their families…whether they are with us for an hour or a lifetime.

Services Provided to the Community

Provides services such as treatment foster care, adoption, emergency and runaway services, mental health services, in-home services, independent living, developmental disabilities services, juvenile offender programs, aftercare, special medical services and teen parent programs.

Population Served

SAFY serves both children and adults.

Length of Operation

SAFY has served the Las Vegas area since 1994.

Role in the DREAMR Project

SAFY’s role in the DREAMR grant is to educate caregivers on the 3-5-7 model. This model is to assist caregivers and team members to support children through their grief and loss, allow children to feel these losses, model healthy relationships that promote safety factors and resiliency allowing youth to move towards forward/ future thinking. It is the premise of the DREAMR grant that the improved emotional regulatory skills the children develop will assist them in participating in healthier relationships that will decrease teen pregnancies in this population.


Tabitha Rendon

Amber Hogan

4285 North Rancho Drive, STE 130
Las Vegas, NV 89130

Phone: 702-385-5331
Fax: 702-385-5678

SAFY is here to serve, and to partner with others in our community to help our children reach their greatest potential.